Privacy Policy

We declare that we will recognize the importance of personal information protection and our responsibility based on our customers’ trust and will handle personal information in a rigorous and proper manner.

(1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with the law relating to personal information protection (Personal Information Protection Law), and the other related statutes and guidelines provided by related authorities.

(2) Employee Education

We thoroughly educate and train our employees to ensure that they handle personal information properly.

(3) Purposes of Use of Personal Information

We run an insurance agency, a travel agency, a tourism association and a temple lodging association. We do not use customers’ personal information collected in the course of operating the above agencies and associations for any other purposes than implementing the following:

  • ・the operation of our travel agency and other related services.
  • ・the operation of our tourism and lodging association, and other related services.
(4) Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information to the extent necessary to implement our operations in a legal and fair manner.

(5) Measures for the Safe Management of Personal Information

To avoid leakage and loss or damage of personal information and to ensure safe management of personal information, we take extended security measures such as the development of control policies for safe handling of personal information and the completion of systems that enable the policies to be actually implemented. We also take adequate measures to ensure the accuracy and applicability necessary for the compliance with the original purposes of the use of personal information.

(6) Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

We do not disclose personal information to any third parties without the customer’s consent unless:

  • 1. we are required to do so by a legally-enforced order.
  • 2. it is necessary to do so to protect any third party’s life, body or property and it would be difficult to obtain the customer’s consent.
  • 3. it is necessary to do so to improve public health or support the healthy development of juveniles and it would be difficult to obtain the customer’s consent.
  • 4. it is necessary to do so to cooperate with regulators, law enforcement authorities or those who are commissioned by them, and receiving the customer’s consent might cause interference with the business of the above-mentioned regulators, authorities or those commissioned by them.
(7) Correction and Improvement of Measures

We continuously take corrective and improvement measures to ensure the safe management of personal information.

(8) Disclosure, Correction and Halt of Personal Information Based on the Personal Information Protection Law

We will only respond to a request from the customer regarding the disclosure, correction or halt of his/her personal information when we confirm his/her identity. For the handling of personal information owned by our insurance agency or other agencies, please contact them directly. Please note that when our investigation discovers that the personal information we have is not correct, we will modify and correct it.
We will charge you a fee for the handling of personal information. Please contact us via the contact information listed below to make a request.

(9) Response to Inquiries and Complaints

We will promptly respond to complaint or inquiry requests regarding the handling of personal information.
To contact us, please see below. Please note that we only respond to your requests upon completion of identity confirmation.

(10) Regarding other issues related to personal information, we comply with Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law.


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