Tour Courses

◆ Rent-A-Cycle (Electric bicycle)
  • Rent-A-Cycle service is recommended for sightseeing in Koyasan. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this service. (10 bicycles are available. Reservations accepted.)
    For one bicycle, there is a rental fee of 400 yen for up to one hour. (An additional fee of 100 yen is charged for every 30 minutes after the initial hour.)
  • Shukubo Association's Central Information
  • Telephone:0736-56-2616
  • Please make reservations by telephone. Reception Hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
◆ Common Ticket
for Visiting Temples
  • When visiting temples in Koyasan, an admission fee is charged for each of the following six temples; Kongobuji Temple (the Headquarters of Shingon sect of Buddhism), Reihokan Treasure Museum, Daishi Kyokai, Daito, Kondo, Tokugawa Family Mausoleum.
    At any Koyasan Shukubo Association information center, you can obtain a ‘Common Ticket for Visiting Temples’ which works at any of the above six temples and can be purchased for just one fee. It is a very useful ticket at a reasonable cost.

Please feel free to purchase one at any of the Koyasan Shukubo Association information centers.


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