Shukubo (Temple Guesthouse) Information

This shukubo was founded by the fourth prince of Emperor Shirakawa (around 900 years ago).
As a result, the shukubo is called "Takano Omuro" and is a very historic temple. On the grounds, there is a main hall, a treasure pagoda, a treasure storehouse, as well as a bell tower.
The main statue here is a statue of Amida Nyorai. Even among the complete works of Keikei, it is Amida Sanson which is the best, it is designated as national important cultural property.

  • Facility information

    Address 649Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama JAPAN
    TEL/FAX TEL : +81(0)736-56-2037
    FAX : +81(0)736-56-4936
    Experiences Sutra Copying(¥500) Votive fee (¥1,000)
    Morning buddhist ceremonies
    Bus guidance Take a bus from NO.2 bus stop bound for Okunoin-mae, and the nearest bus stop is Keisatsu-mae.
    Annotation Check-in / 15:00~17:00
    Check-out / 10:00
    Capacity / 30 individual guests
    Curfew / (Summer) 21:00 (Winter) 21:00
    Facilities / Main temple hall/Japanese garden/Parking Public bath(Men and women are separated) Wi-Fi


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