Shukubo (Temple Guesthouse) Information

It was founded at the beginning of the Kamakura era by High Priest Gyoushou.
In 1523 at the end of the Muromachi period in Nagano Prefecture, a contract was signed between the Saku region's royal family and the Shukubo, Masayuki Sanada from the Umino clan had a castle in the battle of Sekigahara and prevented Hidetada Tokugawa’s westward advance. Following the petition of Nobuyuki Sanada from Hidetada's army, Masayuki, along with Yukimura Tsugumura, was ordered to stay in Koyasan and set up a temporary parable at the shokubo and placed his wife there at Kudoyama. Yukimura died at the summer camp in Osaka, however he was interned in a bodhisattva temple of the Sanada family on Koyasan in Matsushiro, Nagano.

  • Facility information

    Address 700 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama JAPAN
    TEL/FAX TEL : +81(0)736-56-2233
    FAX : +81(0)736-56-4743
    Experiences Sutra Copyng(¥1,000)/
    Asokukan Meditation 17:30~(FREE)/
    Fire Ceremony (Night)(Almost every day)

    Morning buddhist ceremonies
    Room type and price


    Fusuma room(37guest rooms)※1
    2 people or more ¥11,000~


    Normal room(11guest rooms)
    2 people or more ¥14,300~


    Room with private toilet
    2 people or more ¥19,800~


    Room with private bathroom
    2 people or more ¥33,000~
    ※The price is for one person, one night including dinner and breakfast.

    ※1 Fusuma
    Fusuma is a wood-framed sliding door and partition covered with thick paper.
    It is movable in grooves and separates the rooms.
    ※The price will be higher in the case one person use one room.

    Bus guidance Take a bus from NO.2 bus stop bound for Okunoin-mae, and the nearest bus stop is Isshin-guchi.
    Annotation Check-in / 15:00~17:00
    Check-out / 9:00
    Capacity / 120 individual guests
    Curfew/ 21:00
    Facilities / Main temple hall/Japanese garden/Parking Public bath(Men and women are separated)


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