Shukubo (Temple Guesthouse) Information

Founded during the Tencho era (822-83), the hostel was founded by Koso Daiko and was first called Hobo. Later, it received an Imperial title and was renamed Shojoshin-in. After its decline, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Munemori Taira rebuilt it. In the Heike Monogatari, you can find a sentence on the way to Takiguchi.
The principle object of worship is a statue of Kobo Daishi, and as it was installed in the main hall on March 20th, 835 it was given the name Hatsuka Daishi. Sn the Imperial Family Day every year (now April 20th or April Hatsuka), they serve a hundred rice dishes and hold a memorial service.

  • Facility information

    Address 566 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama JAPAN
    TEL/FAX TEL : +81(0)736-56-2006
    FAX : +81(0)736-56-4770
    Experiences Sutra Copyng(¥100)

    Morning buddhist ceremonies
    Bus guidance Take a bus from NO.2 bus stop bound for Okunoin-mae, and the nearest bus stop is Okunoin-guchi
    Annotation Check-in / 14:00~17:00
    Check-out / 10:00
    Capacity / 59 individual guests
    Facilities / Main temple hall/Japanese garden/Parking Public bath(Men and women are separated) Wi-Fi(Available in all places)


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